Holiday Gift Guide: DIY

  1. Christmas Cookies


Who doesn’t love cookies?! They’re a gift for the whole family! There are so many yummy recipes on Pinterest! We got our tins from the dollar tree and these cute little cards to go with them!

2. Decorate a Mug or Glass


How cute is this mug?! This is a great gift to give! You can get a cheap mug at the dollar store and make it look so cute! Jess used paint to make some last year and they were so cute! There are so many good ideas on Pinterest

3. A Canvas


A canvas can be a great gift especially when it’s home made! Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are always having sales on packs of canvases. You can find so many cute ways to decorate them on Pinterest. Here are a few that Jess has made and Peyton has a whole board full of them, check it out here.

4. Photo Coasters


We made coasters just like this for my dad years ago and he still has them! They are still in great shape and it’s probably been 10 years! You can find the directions to make these here. You can also use cute scrapbook paper instead of photos! If you aren’t feeling crafty, another year we ordered photo coasters from Shutterfly. At the time, you could only do one photo for the set of 4, so we ordered 4 sets each with a different picture. Then we put one coaster from each set to create a custom set. Our grandparents loved them! Click here to see how to make them.

5. Custom Letter


I love my Lilly Pulitzer Planners because the pages are just too cute! I made myself a letter like this one to hang in my dorm and my friends loved it! I’ve made a few of these as gifts. All you do it cut the paper to fit the letter, glue it on, and then use Modge Podge on the top! I used gold glitter on the side of mine! If you don’t have an old Lilly Planner lying around other great options are scrapbook paper or pictures!


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