Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25

  1. A Scarf

Who doesn’t love a good scarf! And these two are too cute! They would be perfect for winter. A scarf can spice up any outfit. Nordstrom has great scarves and some are surprisingly affordable! You can find the plaid one here and the fringe one here.

2. A Mug

A mug is something that practically everyone uses, but never really thinks to buy for themselves. I love looking on Etsy to find fun mugs as little gifts! Etsy is where you can find the Custom Starbuck’s Mug and this super cute Best Friend Mug. We love the Anthropologie mugs! They have so many great options including this Mint Mug and the Gold Initial Mug You can pick up mugs almost everywhere. There are always super cute ones at Home Goods too! To add a little more fun to the gift, you could fill it with some christmas candies!

3. A Cute Sign

How adorable are these signs? Hobby Lobby has the best wall decor and they’re almost always having a sale! They have quotes like this one. Monograms like this one. And so much more. Other great places to look are on Etsy or at your local Home Goods.

4. Card Case

I got a Kate Spade Card Case this summer and never use my wallet anymore! It is so convenient to throw in any purse or pocket! These are a great gift for any guy or gal.

5. A warm hat

Since it is just going to get colder and colder, a hat is the perfect gift! You can find hats almost everywhere, but these two are from Nordstrom. The North Face hat is very practical  and how fun is the fur on the top of this one!

6. A blanket


Another warm and cozy gift is a blanket! Who doesn’t love to wrap up in a nice fuzzy blanket at the end of the day?  This faux fur one is from target!


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