What happens when a girl (J) and her boyfriend’s sister (Pey) become best friend roommates? They blog about it! Yes. We are Peyton and Jess, two 20 year olds living in one room. The recipe for success = Two friends + one room + loads of fun!

We love to bake yummy delicious goodies, drink way too much coffee (any kind, we don’t discriminate), and make college life in a small town as fun as possible. For those of you who love long walks, Peyton is your girl. If you like to run, Jess is your go to running buddy. We aren’t lying when we say that we exercise so we can eat more peanut butter. No time of day is a bad time for a spoonful of happiness out of a jar of JIF. On any given day of the week,  you will find us searching for new recipes to try while on a college budget… and in the smallest kitchen known to man. We meal prep on our coffee table, but we make it work!

This lifestyle blog is just what every gal needs if they want to hear from writers they can relate to. We want to share the recipes we love, the adventures we recommend you take, and our daily happenings. We will review books, recipes, and products in order to make your life easier. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and take a read!